Ideal way to cool large zone marquee

Port-A-Cool Portugal
Advantages at a glance
The stifling heat of summer can make outdoor activies, events and working areas off limits, but Port-A-Cool® units can reduce temperature by at on average 8 degrees. Here are some of the main advantages at a glance
All units are mobile for easy spot cooling.
Low cost in maintenance
Effective spot-cooling
5 different sizes
Operates on tap water and 220v of electricity.
Environmentally-friendly, emits no harmful fluorocarbons and uses small amounts of energy.
Bringing ambient temps down with natural cooling
Operates directly out of the box.
No wet mist, just cool air!
Works were air conditioning does not work or is too cost prohibitive.
“Are you interested in purchasing units or becoming subdistributor please contact LC-Europe via

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