Largest evaporative cooling fan PortACool 48

Port-A-Cool is specialized in offering custom-made solutions to cool big, open areas like industrial warehouses, marquees and car workshops. By browsing our blog you can find many examples of succesful references of cooling car workshops and car factories in almost every European country (for references outside Europe visit the manufacturer´s website).

Some workshops decide to spot cool the work places with smaller units, other workshops decide to cool the workshop like in this case a large factory in the USA. Using Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers offers for every warehouse and car workshop in the world the same advantage: effective, ecological and economical cooling with the doors wide open (this will even create a higher cooling result).

Are you interested to receive more information about Port-A-Cool in automotive business or other applications please contact us at and/or visit our website for full contact details.

Ventilation and refrigeration in industrial applications

Evaporative cooling has a lot of advantages and a wide range of applications. The biggest advantages of Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are the efficiency in big, open areas, the low cost of using (low energy consumption and low maintenance costs) and the units are installation-free. Due to the portability of the evaporative cooler, it can be placed where cooling is most wanted and needed (in factories for example not the whole factory needs to be cooled but just work places), costs are saved there less units will be needed and no installation costs are made to install Port-A-Cool evaporative aircoolers

 In general Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are used where an airconditioning is impractical or expensive. With evaporative coolers only a 10% of energy consumption is requested and evaporative coolers are used in well-ventilated places where airconditioning units are ineffective. 

We offer our evaporative coolers to a wide range of customers and in many different markets. We are cooling in the retail market (garden centers, books stores and big department stores), industry (spotcooling workplace or climate control large industrial warehouses), marquees (event cooling open air, military marquees and party tents). But we also are used a lot to cool sport events and sport schools, car dealers and workshops, restaurants and terraces. There are not many places where our evaporative coolers are not being used.

Are you interested in learning more about the efficiency of our evaporative coolers; we invite you to browse though our blog, visit our website or contact us with your questions and enquiries. 

Port-A-Cool has a worldwide network of distributors. Feel free to contact us for your local Port-A-Cool dealer. They will be pleased to advice you custom-made climate control solution: // (International and US-sales

Ecocooling expert industrial cooling and ventilation

The Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers work based on evaporation of water, consume very little energy and cool areas between 50 and 325 m2.
The high temperatures can create difficulties in obtaining a pleasant work welfare, influencing the productivity and the motivation of the employees. The solution in offices is clear, installing some airconditioning units. However, there are many places where its use is impossible or too expensive and harming the environment like in places as industrial warehouses, logistics centres, factories, workshops, hangars and marquees. For this situation, the company Life´s Cool Europe, master distributor of world market leader Port-A-Cool, imports a mobile evaporative cooler that generates fresh air based on the evaporation of water, lowering the temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees. 
The Port-A-Cool system only needs water and electricity to work, consuming a 10% of energy a tradicional airconditioning uses. Furthermore it is very easy to maintain and manage the unit in every area. The machine as well as the water tank are portable to cool the hot work places in the factories, warehouses and workshops, everything without any type of installation. Some of the models can work up to eight our without being connected to the water hose.
No wet vapour or water is expelled; just cool that cools areas between 50 and 325 square meters. At the same time, thanks to the structure and the incorporated pads, it filters the air that is expelled in public areas like terraces and sport schools and industrial environments. 
Port-A-Cool has six models in various sizes, with ventilators of 16, 24, 36 and 48 inch, depending on the area that needs to be cooled. Due to the characteristics the units are used in well-ventilated areas or places that face heat stress caused by machines and ovens. Placing evaporative coolers also can reduce the machine failure due to the heat problems.
Ideal as outdoor and marquee cooling
Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers due to the advantages are very suitable to cool outdoor applications like terraces and events, as well as marquees. The natural cooling is realized in an ecological and economical way. With this type of cooling it is possible to cool areas that before were are impossible to be climate controlled and that all in an environmental-friendly way.
Port-A-Cool, offers the solution to cool open spaces in industrial warehouses, marquees and Workshops.
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Port-A-Cool´s biggest mobile evaporative cooler

48 inch high performance

Port-A-Cool´s biggest mobile evaporative cooler

Port-A-Cool 48" High performance One-speed Cools 325m2

  • Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower motor
  • Almost maintenance-free operation
  • Flexible capabilities for ducting
  • Shipped completely assembled and ready to operate, right out of the box
  • Operates for cents a day, a fraction of air conditioning
  • Environmental friendly with efficient / effective resource use
  • Unit & water supply are both portable
  • Durable one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing
  • Energy Efficient Motor and pump
  • Cooling is accomplished naturally through process of evaporation

Click on the video-link to see the Port-A-Cool 48" product review

48 inch high performance
Air yield481m3/min
Ventilator motor0.75KW/220V/4.35A
Water reservoir75.5 l.
Transport weight185,5kg
Cooling capacity325 m2

At Life´s Cool Europe we can provide you with the contact data of your local distributor.  We are pleased to offer you a custom-made solution for your event. 

Contact us for contact details of your local Port-A-Cool distributors
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