Portacool adiabatic cooling car workshop examples

Many factories, garages and industrial warehouses face heat problems. The high temperatures in combination of hot roofs and open doors cause sometimes heat stress under the employees. The biggest group of clients of Port-A-Cool belong to these type of companies, not knowing that there exists a powerful, ecological and foremost economical cooling solution being able to resolve their heat problems.

To give an example: An industrial warehouse of 1.500m2 has open doors due to the traffic of in- and out coming goods but only has some specific work spots inside their warehouse. The Port-A-Cool is ideal for such a company. The units are installation-free and mobile so they can be used where the people work. Due to the high level of ventilation the evaporative cooler is able to reduce the temperature significantly. (The evaporative cooler works better with more open doors and windows and even works outside).

For the company it is an economical solution (no need for installation) and often it is not even necessary to cool the whole warehouse but just the workplaces. The Port-A-Cool units are the perfect spot coolers and therefore very suitable for this type of cooling.

Not convinced yet? Visit our website http://www.lc-europe.com/ to contact your local distributor and ask for a demonstration of the effectivity of the Port-A-Cool coolers. 

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