Keep Livestock Cool This Summer with Port-A-Cool units

Signs of Heat Stress in Animals
Even with proper cooling, shade, and water available, owners should still be aware of the signs of heat stress and monitor animals during high temperature days. The following are signs to watch for and actions to take to avoid loss due to heat stress and heat stroke in animals:

• Elevated Breathing Rate
• Restlessness
• Increased Time Standing
• Elevated Breathing Rate
• Restlessness
• Slight Drooling
• Animals may group together
• Increased Time Standing
• Elevated Breathing Rate
• Restlessness
• Slight Drooling or Foaming
• Animals may group together
• Increased Time Standing
• Elevated Breathing Rate
• Open Mouth Breathing
• Restlessness
• Slight Drooling or Foaming
• Most Animals Standing in Pen
• Open Mouth Breathing and Tongue Protruding
• Most Animals Standing in Pen, Restless
• Open Mouth Breathing and Tongue Protruding
• Labored Breathing, Respiration Rate May Decrease
• Cattle Push from Flanks while Breathing
• Head Down
• Individual Animals May Isolate from Herd

Actions for Avoiding Heat Stress
• Ventilate area with Port-A-Cool® units or KÜÜL® pads cooling systems
• Provide Portable or Permanent shaded areas near feeding areas
• Utilize all actions from Stage 1
• Provide plenty of cool, clean water
• If temp is over 18˚C consider initiation of measures to prevent heat stress
• A rule of thumb for initiating heat stress management is provided by the THI or
Temperature Humidity Index as follows:
– Livestock alert is 24-25 ˚C
– Livestock danger is 26-28 ˚C
– Livestock emergency is 29+ ˚C
If animals show signs of heat stress in stage 5 or 6, all a veteranarian or seek medical help.
Actions are listed for consideration only. Please consult a vet or other professional for specific instructions on the breed of animal owned.
Professional Recommendations
The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture recommends portable shaded areas with fans along with clean, cool water to help avoid heat stress in dairy cows.
They specifically recommend temperature reduction in holding pens using fans, circulating air and to be sure the area is properly ventilated.
The Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering recommends the following to protect livestock and poultry from heat strees and heat stroke during summer:
• Increase ventilation rate and turn on cooling fans where applicable.
• Use evaporative cooling pads and systems where applicable (they state that moving air accelerates the cooling process in animals.)
• Monitor animals for signs of heat stress.
Port-A-Cool® evaporative cooling units are perfect for achieving all these recommendations using natural evaporative cooling. //

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