Evaporative cooling in military applications

Evaporative cooling where and when it's needed:

  • hangers
  • flight lines
  • maintenance shops
  • outdoor activities
  • warehouses
  • tents
  • mess halls

Training areas, artillery range and other places where heat may limit usability
Mess halls and outdoor dining areas are more comfortable for personnel
Keep recruitment centers and outdoor booths cool and comfortable

Cool tents through 16 inch unit vent systems (pictured) or through existing openings.
Bring ambient temps down an average of 7 degrees.
16 inch unit can be ducted for spot cooling.
Increases longevity of equipment

36” High Performance unit features quiet operation and cools about 246m2.
The 48” unit cools 325m2 for just cents a day.
Please feel free to contact our team of specialists or check our blog for more information on Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

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