Top-3 applications Port-A-Cool 48" Evaporative Cooler

If we take a look at the Top-3 of different applications where you can find the 48" models we can distinguish the industrial sector, the military applications and aviation. The 48" model is used for the bigger aeras where ventilation is present and where an airconditioning does not work or is too expensive.

By clicking on the images you can visit the different applications and find out how the Port-A-Cool models can help you beating the heat and increase productivity and improve comfort.
1. Industry 

2. Military

3. Aviation

Combine Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers to maximize cooling effect

Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

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Port-A-Cool 16 inch Cools 90 m2
16 inch cool 90m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 16 inch with tank Cools 90 m2
16 inch with tank cool 90m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 24 inch Cools 167 m2
24 inch cool 167m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 36 inch Cools 246 m2
36 inch cool 246m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 48 inch Cools 325 m2
48 inch cool 325m2 go!

accessories go!

go! Accessories Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

Port-A-Cool 48 inch high performance: the most powerfull evaporative cooler in the market

48 inch high performance Evaporative Cooler
48" 1/3 HP high performance One-speed Cools 325 m2

48 inch

Evaporative cooling: An Ancient Technique for a High Tech Society

Remember the chill after swimming on a hot, dry day, then getting out of the water and feeling the wind hitting your wet skin? Or simply try dipping your finger in a glass of water, then blowing air across your finger and feeling the cool sensation as the water evaporates. That's evaporative cooling.

Try the same thing when there is no wind or no air moving. The surrounding air is quickly saturated with moisture, there is no evaporation and the cooling effect is gone.

Evaporative cooling units create this naturally occurring process and provide a constant flow of cool, refreshing air into a hot, uncomfortable environment.


The heart of an evaporative cooling system is the pad where the water evaporates and the air passing through the pads is cooled.

Evaporative cooling pads, like Kuul pads, are manufactured of fluted cellulose sheets that are glued together. This material is chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot and ensure a long service life.

A special water distribution system spreads water over the surface of the pad, ensuring a uniform supply of water to keep the entire air contact surface thoroughly wetted."

Fans create a negative pressure, causing air to be drawn through the pads.

Evaporation results from contact between air and water. A control system operates the water pump and the fan distributes the cool air.

The relative humidity is lowest in the afternoon when the temperature is at its highest. And the lower the humidity, the better the evaporative cooling effect. In other words, the cooling effect is best when you need it the most.


Port-A-Cool Explosion Proof Units Offer Cooling Alternative

Offshore drilling rigs are exposed to some of the most severe environments imaginable. High levels of humidity and salt spray must be continually battled to ensure metal surfaces escape corrosion and permanent damage. No matter what the weather brings, rig operators are challenged every day to protect equipment from environmental damage by repairing or applying protective coatings to equipment. In addition to dealing with the weather, rig operators must take the necessary precautions to avoid potential explosions from the hazardous environments where they work.

Hazardous locations are areas where a potential for explosion and fire are a constant threat due to flammable gases, vapors, or finely pulverized dust in the air. Easily ignitable fibers or flyings might also pose a threat for explosion. Hazardous locations may result from the normal processing of certain volatile chemicals, gases, grains, or accidental failure of storage systems for these materials. Whatever the cause, it is necessary that every precaution be taken to guard against ignition of the atmosphere. So, what can a rig operator do to keep workers cool?

The explosion-proof models manufactured by Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooling units can help rig operators meet this challenge. The 36-inch or 48-inch explosion proof/hazardous location models were specially developed by Port-A-Cool for use on offshore platforms. Electrical components can be a source of ignition for these hazardous location areas, but Port-A-Cool explosion proof models feature sealed switches, cords and motors to prevent sparking and accidental explosion in highly-combustible areas. In addition, the unit housings are rotationally molded and are leak and rust proof, preventing the rust and deterioration found in metal cooling systems.

The 36-inch explosion proof model is a best seller. cools 250 square meter and delivers 9,600 CFM. The 48-inch explosion proof model cools a large 325 square meter, delivers 17,500 CFM, and comes standard with heavy duty casters for extra mobility. Both models lower the temperature an average of 8 to 15°C.

Check the website of Port-A-Cool for more information on the 48" model. For questions please contact our European sales office
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