Combine Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers to maximize cooling effect

Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

Click on the arrow or the picture to find out which Port-A-Cool machine suits you best. 


Port-A-Cool 16 inch Cools 90 m2
16 inch cool 90m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 16 inch with tank Cools 90 m2
16 inch with tank cool 90m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 24 inch Cools 167 m2
24 inch cool 167m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 36 inch Cools 246 m2
36 inch cool 246m2 go!

Port-A-Cool 48 inch Cools 325 m2
48 inch cool 325m2 go!

accessories go!

go! Accessories Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

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