Cost-saving industrial cooler: Port-A-Cool 48 inch

The largest mobile evaporative cooler of the Port-A-Cool range is the Port-A-Cool 48 inch. This machine saves money cooling large open, industrial areas like warehouses and hangars. With a cooling capacity of 325m2 the machine is recognized as one of the most powerful and effective evaporative coolers, saving a lot of money compared to other cooling solutions like airconditioning. There the machine is installation-free (just connect to the water and electricity) the Port-A-Cool is very economical in purchase. Like any other Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler this machine is environmental-friendly, using small amounts of electricity and water, but lowering up to 15 degrees and guaranteeing a fresh, natural breeze.

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Life´s Cool Europe´s Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers

Port-A-Cool has a wide range of powerful and effective evaporative coolers. Life´s Cool Europe is the proud subdistributor is the proud distributor of Port-A-Cool in Europe with direct disponibility of all models Port-A-Cool in Europe. Next to the website of Life´s Cool Europe and Port-A-Cool, Life´s Cool Europe has developed this and other blogs where you can find more information about the working, advantages and applications of Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers.

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